Weight Loss Wednesday’s- Eat More Greens!

Weight loss is HARD. It takes time, effort, planning, and commitment… but the thing about weight loss is that, even though it is difficult, it is totally possible when eating healthy becomes a LIFESTYLE!  I’ve lost 35 pounds and I’ve changed my habits dramatically. One thing I now cannot live without?? My VEGGIES!

I seriously rarely go a day without spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes… these are the ‘bread and butter’ of my existence! Recently I had my wisdom teeth taken out and within 3 days I was my eating salads and baby carrots again! Lucky for me, I healed pretty quickly, but my mum still thought I was crazy! Seriously, I can’t live without my greens (and oranges!)

If you ever eat lunch or dinner with me, you’ll notice that half my plate is delicately filled with fresh spinach or romaine lettuce. I like to fill half my plate with leafy greens, one fourth with a source of lean protein and the other fourth with a healthy carbohydrate source.  I’ve been eating this way for SO long now that it seems to happen automatically, even when I go out to eat! This little plan ensures that my meal is balanced and nourishing while providing me with a healthy amount of energy for the rest of the day! Doing this allows me to fill up and stay satisfied without overdoing it.

The benefits of eating more green veggies is endless, but here are just a few things that I love about them:

  •  They pack filling fiber which helps with digestion
  • Their high water content hydrates the skin
  • The antioxidants promote a ‘healthy glow’
  • They aid in weight loss and healthy weight maintenance
  • They lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of disease
  • They help to promote healthy eyesight
  • Their plants-based calcium helps to create strong, healthy bones
  • They even help to prevent certain cancers!

Ultimately, leafy greens help to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle! While those around you may be eating extra sugar, fat and calories, your mouth will be busy munching on ‘the good stuff’. Your skin, eyes, bones, and tummy will all thank you. And the friends you inspire will thank you, too!

So, if you’re looking to eat better and feel your best, I suggest that you add more leafy greens to your diet! Rather than focusing on what you should avoid (processed foods, added sugars, calorie-dense foods, etc.) focus on adding plants to your diet! This way you won’t feel deprived… you’ll feel healthy and nourished!

How about you?! What are your favorite ways to enjoy your greens?!


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