Simple Ways to BE ACTIVE #makeithappenmay

“I’m so unfamiliar with the gym, I call it James” -Ellen DeGeneres

If you know me, you know I’m NOT a huge fan of the gym, but I do LOVE keeping fit, and I know how important it is for your mind, body, soul and spirit! So, here are my Tip-top-tips to being active… so easy– even your mother could do it! (no offense mum, you know how much I love ya!)
1. Commercial calorie-burn:
Instead of taking calories IN, every time a commercial shows up during your favorite TV show, get up and jog in place! Suddenly, watching television isn’t a TOTAL waste of time!2. Park Far:
Every trip to the grocery store can be a chance to get fit. Unless it’s raining or really dark, try and park your car as far away from the entrance as possible. If the sun is shining, there’s NO excuse! Enjoy the brisk walk to the door and in the store.3. Stair Master:
ALWAYS take the stairs! Unless you’re running late for class, for a doctor’s appointment or an interview, take the stairs. And if you’re sitting at home with nothing to do, then get up and do some laps in your own house!4. Stretch it out:
Before you get out of bed in the morning and before you climb back in at night…stretch! It gets your blood flowing, relaxes your mind, builds flexibility, and improves your posture!

5. Keep it Crunchy:

Drop down and give me 20! (crunches that is!) Get on the floor- but don’t stay there!! Crunching up your core is a great way to strengthen your core,prevent back pain, and promote healthy posture!

Being active doesn’t have to be torture! Keeping fit is all about finding balance and doing what works for you! 


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