Salads?! Unhealthy?!


A ‘salad’ is typically considered a “go-to” for people trying to loss weight or be healthy…  but many restaurant salads are anything but slimming.  In fact some of them have almost the same amount of calories a girl like me should eat over the course of an entire day.  Yep that’s right…some salads contain an insane amount of fat and calories.

But how could this be?!!  How could something that seems so innocent pose such a threat to ones health?  It’s because a salad doesn’t automatically mean just veggies and healthy toppings.  Restaurants often pump up salads with junky foods like fried chicken, creamy dressings, buttery croutons, and a serious overdose of cheese.

I know what you’re thinking… if I can’t get a salad to be healthy, what can I possibly order at a restaurant?  Don’t worry, you can still go out to eat with you friends and enjoy the social atmosphere that restaurants and cafes have to offer, but If you want to be healthy you have to be smart about it.

The best way I find is to order a minimalistic salad.  This way you know whats going in it.  I like to start with just a simple garden salad and a light vinaigrette.  I love baby tomatoes, onions, peppers and beets on top of crisp spring mix or spinach.  Also, I almost always ask for dressing on the side.  For toppings, it’s great to get some lean protein.  This can be a small grilled or steamed chicken breast, tofu, tempeh, lean steak, or some fish!  Just make sure the meat is cooked without butter and ideally in a small amount of olive oil.

If you’re at a salad bar where there are more options and you can make your salad exactly how you like it, that’s great!  Feel free to add in some tasty toppings!

A great addition to an already healthy salad is nuts or seeds.  A small spoonful of slivered almonds, toasted walnuts or sunflower seeds take a simple garden salad with protein, up a notch!

Finally, I love to finish my salad off with a little something special!  It could be mandarine oranges, fresh fruit, dried cranberries, house-made hummus, chickpeas or creamy avocado slices!!  Having a small amount of one or more of these little extras keep your salad interesting!  And they’re so flavorful so you really don’t need much!

Ultimately, going out for dinner is a treat and with these healthy tips you don’t have to worry.  You can really enjoy the experience, the health benefits, and the flavor!!  How about you?  Do you have any tips for eating healthy when eating out?

Check out this website about the various calorie counts and fat grams in salads at different chain restaurants… trust me you will be shocked!!


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