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Prevent the Holiday Weight Gain!

The Holidays are upon us, my friends!!  There is so much to be excited about… I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season.  Cherished time with loved ones, shopping for last minute presents, sipping hot peppermint tea, and cuddling up on the couch to watch a cozy Christmas movie… “these are a few of my favorite things!”

With all the parties, buffets and sweet treats it’s hard NOT to gain weight.  But with just a few simple tips it’s totally possible.  Not only can you avoid winter weight gain, but you can even get started on your New Year’s resolution!!

Okay, so here are 5 tips that I use and LOVE:

1. Eat your favorite treats in moderation.  The best way to maintain a healthy fit body during the holiday season is to simply watch what you eat.  That is much easier said than done, but with a balanced diet it is possible to eat what you love and still be slim.  For example, if you go to a party and there is an incredible buffet filled with holiday goodies be sure to take some of what you love, but just a small portion.

2. Eat healthy whenever you can.  It is totally fine to eat what you love at a party or special event… but it’s important to remember that treats are just that… TREATS.  They should be enjoyed on occasion, but not eaten every day.  Think about it, if you ate crescent wrapped brie cheese and pecan pie everyday, it wouldn’t be a special treat. Instead, when you’re not out at dinner or at a friends house, then do your best to stick to your regular healthy eating routine.  Enjoy carrots and celery with hummus and healthy dip or air popped popcorn with some crunchy almonds!  Be sure to eat regular meals and healthy snacks to keep you energized and satisfied!
3. Eat a balanced breakfast.  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  It’s a great way to kick start your day and get you motivated to eat right.  I usually have a smaller breakfast and then a bigger lunch, but you need to find what works for you!  Usually I have a smoothie and a bit of protein for breakfast, but if I have time I love to make an egg or two with some fried ham (in 0 calorie spray) and a bit of fresh fruit!
4. Enjoy healthy seasonal foods.  ‘Tis the season to be merry!  As I mentioned, it’s totally fine to enjoy special treats like Italian Panettone for a snack, fluffy chocolate chip waffles at brunch, seasonal Peppermint lattes at Starbucks and specialty chocolates after dinner.  But not all ‘foods of the season’ are unhealthy.  Take pomegranates for example!  Sooo amazing for your body and they are ripe and ready time of year!  Speaking of produce, be sure to enjoy clementines!! I absolutely love them!  Another one of my favorite treats is homemade apple sauce with few cranberries thrown in.  I also enjoy turkey on a salad or even a bit of honey smoked ham!  Whatever it may be, try to make your meals as healthy and seasonal as possible!
5. Stay motivated.  Find a picture of yourself when you were at your healthiest and happiest!!  Remember how great you felt.  I know that when I eat healthy, I’m happy!  If you’ve never been into healthy eating, now is your chance to step it up and feel your best!! Think of it as a pre-New Year’s resolution… a way to get started on your goals!!
How about you?  How do you stay healthy and motivated during the holidays?  Any tips or tricks?


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