Monday’s Motivation- Technology for Health!

“Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?” -Al Boliska

We live in a time period were technology is EVERYWHERE! From the laptop I’m typing on, the coffee pot that makes my AM cup of Joe, the TV I watch when I’m bored, the tablet I use to read my Bible, and the FitBit I wear on my side… technology is inescapable… So today, for Monday’s Motivation, I want to share some of my favorite ways to use technology for weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, and an all around healthier life-style! 

  1. Fitness Tracker– Hello FITBIT!! For those of you who don’t know what a FITBIT is, it’s basically a ‘smart pedometer.’ It logs your steps, tracks your flights of stairs, keeps tabs on how many miles you’ve traveled, and counts the calories you’ve burned! Last summer I decided to invest in one of these, and let me tell ya, it was the BEST decision ever!! …okay, maybe not ever, but it was a great choice! It reminds me to be more active and it motivates me to move! Just remembering I’m wearing my FITBIT helps me to live an all-around active life!
  2. Smart Phones– “There’s an app for that!” …well, when it comes to weight-loss… there really is! From ‘Weight Watchers Online’ to ‘My Fitness Pal’, there are TONS of healthy apps out there that share recipes, offer meal plan ideas, provide food logs, and inspire you to be your healthiest, happiest self! 
  3. Laptops– So you don’t want to go to the gym?!! Well, sorry… but there are no excuses when it comes to working out!! Simply log on to YouTube and you can find thousands of fun and free fitness videos for all different types of workouts! From Pilates to Zumba, Yoga to Ballet, hip hop to aerobics, you’re sure to find your jam online! 
  4. Heart Rate Monitor Watches– Looking to push yourself a little harder? Invest in a Heart Rate Watch! These monitor your heart rate and motivate you to work your hardest during a workout! …if you’re pushing too much and you need to cut yourself a break, these show you just how fast your heart is beating so you know when to cool down a bit! It takes some of the mystery out of making sure you get a really good workout.

So, get motivated and use technology to help you reach those fitness goals! You’ll be glad you did! Medical professionals, health bloggers, fitness fanatics, and even health insurance companies know how important it is to keep healthy and to try and avoid all the illnesses, aches and pains that come from a sedentary ‘eat all you want’ lifestyle. One of them is Oscar, a specialist in NY and NJ health insurance, who provide their members with a Misfit band and an incentive to earn back cash rewards when they hit their own set goals! Technology might be just the tool to get you started… Hello healthy living!

Being active can be challenging, but modern technology can make it easier and even more fun!! How do YOU use technology to help?


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