Monday’s Motivation- Helping Others!

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others” -Philippians 2:4

Helping others is good for them AND for you!

It’s easy to get busy, stressed, and overwhelmed with everything you need to do today… work deadlines, household chores, shopping lists, paperwork, appointments, emails and assignments! HOW are you going to get everything done- combine all the have-to’s with the want-to’s and you begin to wonder… How does anybody do it?
Here are just a few of my favorite ways to help others, even when you’re super busy yourself:

1. Make someone’s day– You may never know how much someone needs an encouraging word, a bit of advice, or a helping hand. Take the time to listen and BE the friend that person needs!

2. Show someone you care–  A discouraged person may really need to know that someone cares. You never know what difficulties someone else is working through. YOU could make the difference in that person’s day.

3. Pay it forward– Doing something nice for someone often encourages them to do something nice for someone else. Start that chain of kindness and watch it grow!

4. Gain new skills-  Maybe you think that you don’t have anything to offer… your set of skills just doesn’t match what that person needs. Well, don’t be silly. Consider helping anyway and learn something new. You just may surprise yourself!

5. Do unto others- ‘The Golden Rule’ is always a good one to follow. You know how wonderful it is when you get the support and encouragement YOU need. Well, BE that friend!

6. Realize how very blessed you are- Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by our own ‘list of burdens’ that we forget to ‘count our blessings!’ Helping others with their responsibilities helps us to see beyond our own.

7. Helping makes YOU feel better- studies show that volunteering actually helps you feel more connected to others and helps you build social skills. It really is a gift you give to others AND to yourself.

So…did you help someone today? Did someone else help you? Doesn’t it feel good?


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