Monday’s Motivation- Adventurous August!

Can you believe it’s already August?! Didn’t summer just get here? Weren’t we just complaining about the long snowy winter? Wow! Time flies!

I like to think of the beginning of each new month as a fresh start, a clean slate, a brand new opportunity for growth. August is one of my favorites. There are so many ways to get your daily dose of exercise and there are tons of delicious fresh fruits and veggies to enjoy. You get plenty of vitamin D from all the sunshine and you reap the stress-reducing benefits of spending time outside in nature.
August is MY month… for those of you know don’t know, AUGUST is my last name! So, I’d like to ‘carpe diem’ and make the most of it.My theme for this month is: Adventurous August.Do you think that you could possibly use a little more adventure in your life? I bet we all could. The benefits of a more adventurous life are seemingly endless– from less stress to more energy, boosted self-esteem, creative thinking and increased motivation. Outdoor adventure results in increased physical activity and promotes healthy weight maintenance.

So what’s holding you back?! Make August adventurous!

Here are a few fun ideas to add some adventure to your summer:

  • Hiking with a group of friends
  • Kayaking on a scenic lake
  • Exploring new parts of your city
  • A guided river walk in your local park
  • Yoga on the beach
  • A long walk with your dog
  • A road trip with your bestie

Adventure doesn’t have to be crazy, dangerous, or expensive to be rewarding! So get up and get out! Make the most of this month… Let ‘Adventurous August’ be YOUR month to shine!

How about you? Have you enjoyed any adventures lately?


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