Hello Healthy Yogurt!

The definition of yogurt: “a fermented slightly acid often flavored semisolid food made of milk and milk solids to which cultures of two bacteria have been added”  Well, if THAT doesn’t make you want to want to enjoy a nice big bowl of the white stuff, hopefully today’s post will do the trick!!

I’m not a HUGE yogurt person, but now that I’m back home my mum is determined to change that!  She eats plain Greek yogurt every single day and she’s convinced that it’s one of the best foods ever.  The other day I came home from church really hungry.  No, ‘hungry’ is putting it lightly!  I was famished!  I rarely feel as intensely ravenous as I did at this moment.  I realized that my normal petite-sized lunch was NOT going to cut it today, so in addition to my lunch I decided to try some plain greek yogurt. I topped it with cinnamon and some fresh pineapple, frozen mango, grapes and banana slices.  It was delicious!!  The creamy, tart yogurt was loaded with protein and the fresh fruit was naturally sweet!  I had created the perfect ‘side’ to my very predictable lunch!!  One thing I LOVE about greek yogurt is just how filling it is!  In one of my favorite health books, “French Woman Don’t Get Fat” Mireille Guiliano claims that yogurt is a “vital secret of hunger management.”  She explains how French woman use yogurt as a way to keep slim.  Greek yogurt is strained thicker than regular yogurt, resulting in a higher quality, thicker yogurt which naturally has more protein than regular yogurt.  

Studies have actually proven that yogurt is beneficial for weight loss.  Eating yogurt daily has been shown to help reduce 81% more belly fat than skipping it (on a calorie controlled diet).  The bacteria in yogurt is incredibly good for your gut and it helps to promote healthy digestion naturally!  It’s great when you’re working out because one cup contains 13-20 grams of protein. Yogurt has loads of vitamins, including B-12, thiamin, riboflavin and B-6.  All this makes makes yogurt a great choice for vegetarians and health food fanatics alike!

Some other benefits of yogurt?  It’s an amazing source of calcium, it helps strengthen your immune system, and research shows that it helps prevent/reduce high blood pressure.  Yogurt also helps to prevent tooth decay because of the natural lactic acid.  It’s also naturally low in lactose, making it a good choice for those with lactose sensitivity. 

Try it as a breakfast, lunch or snack with any type of fruit, cereal, nuts, honey, or cinnamon.  It can be used as a substitute for sour cream on your chili, or instead of mayo in your chicken salad.  Use it as a replacement for heavy cream in your favorite soup recipe or buttermilk in your blueberry muffins.  It is definitely a great food to always keep in your fridge.

So, don’t get turned off by the definition!  Go ahead… enjoy the creamy white stuff and know you’re doing something good for your body!  Hello healthy yogurt!

How about you?  Do you like yogurt?  Do you have any easy recipes to share?


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