Hello Healthy Winter!

Let the countdown begin!!  It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait to celebrate! … But sadly, my mind is in a million places! Trying to finish up classes, packing up all my stuff to head home, passing all my finals, and still having time to hangout with all my friends.  Like everybody else in this world, I am just SO BUSY! …not to mention sleep deprived!  As these busy days speed briskly by, I want to encourage you all to stay ‘healthy and happy’ and to be sure and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

It’s easy to let ‘healthy choices’ become a thing of the past when we’re surrounded with the sweet aromas and tantalizing flavors of freshly baked Christmas cookies, creamy hot chocolate, amazing appetizers, dazzling dessert trays, and all things not-so-healthy!  Couple these tempting treats with a lack of sleep, busy study sessions and last minute shopping.  It can be all too easy to let your regular routines and healthy habits slip slide away!

But DON’T do it! Your stressed mind and exhausted body NEEDS to be nourished in order to function effectively and to keep enjoying the festivities. So for today’s Monday’s Motivation, I say– EAT HEALTHY to BE YOUR BEST! Start your day with a real breakfast… maybe warm scrambled eggs and fresh citrus fruit or hot oatmeal with a sprinkling of walnuts, raisins and apples. Replace a caffeinated beverage with some hot herbal tea and deliciously creamy almond milk!  Drink plenty of water throughout the day and choose healthy snacks so that you’re not famished when that oven door opens. Then you can guiltlessly savor 1 or 2 of those delicious homemade cookies.

Healthy living is all about being moderate and realistic.  It’s easy to eat well when you’re not feeling stressed and trying to accomplish a million things at once!  But when it’s ‘crazy busy’ and temptation is just a whiff away, remember that YOU CAN DO THIS. Keep up the good work, enjoy each moment, eat that special treat (but don’t overeat it!) and make the MOST of this most wonderful time of the year!

How about you?  What keeps you motivated when you’re tired, stressed and oh-so-busy?!


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