Hello Healthy Almonds!

I LOVE almonds!!  They’re salty, satisfying and good for your heart!  Almonds are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals.  A 1/4 cup serving of almonds contains roughly 50% of your daily biotin needs, 40% of your vitamin E, and about one-fourth of your manganese and copper needs!  It contains other important nutrients, as well, like magnesium, vitamin B2 and phosphorous.  Almonds help reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, AND reduce the risk of diabetes. Added bonus?  Almonds actually help prevent weight gain and even promote weight loss because they’re packed with fiber and healthy fats… filling and satiating! 

So, now that you know just a few of the benefits of almonds, I want to share with you some of the different ways that I enjoy them!

One way to enjoy almonds is to eat them straight up out of the palm of your hand.  Sure, it may not be the most creative method, but a handful of almonds makes the perfect on-the-go snack.  They’re salty, crunchy, delicious (and they don’t melt in your hands!)  Another one of my favorite ways to get my fill is with almond butter!!  It’s so creamy and smooth… or you can have it crunchy!  I love Barney Butter.  They make some of the best almond butter out there!  I was sent some almond butter by the company and I was able to try some of their delightful flavors.  I suggest that you try Cocoa+ Coconut, Vanilla+ Expresso, Honey+ Flax, and Raw+ Chia!  Try them on toast, on pretzels, apple slices or a banana.  Barney Butters are the best almond butters out there!   
So, while this nifty little product doesn’t technically contain many almonds, ‘almond extract’ is a great way to add almond-y flavor to any of your favorite treats.  I love ‘splashing a splash’ of this elixir in my AM oat bran or on my plain Greek yogurt!  Another almond treat I couldn’t go a day without?  ALMOND MILK!!!  I drink this daily!  I stir it into my mid-morning coffee or eat it with Rice Chex for a gluten-free, vegan breakfast!!

Everyone knows that I love chocolate and it is a rare day that I don’t enjoy at least a small piece of this magical sweet!  Everyone also knows that Godiva makes some of the best chocolate out there!  Their 72% Dark Chocolate Almond bar combines rick dark chocolate with crunchy almonds for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.  If you can’t find yourself a chocolate almond bar (from Godiva or any other quality chocolatier), try grabbing a couple squares of dark chocolate and pairing them with a handful of salty almonds!  This salty-and-sweet combo is seriously satisfying! 

How about you?  Are you ‘nuts’ about almonds like I am?  What’s your favorite way to enjoy them?


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