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Healthy Budget: Thrift Shop Finds!

Sweater= $5.00
Jeans= $5.99
Shoes= $2.00
Oh, Salvation Army… how I love you!

Sometimes the idea of thrift shopping can be a little overwhelming. Just walk into a thrift store and you’ll instantly┬ánotice that some (*most) of the clothing is worn out and out-dated… but that’s where the excitement comes in! Anyone can walk into a nice department store and find something cute to wear, but chances are they’ll spend WAY more money and the process will be far less rewarding.

Finding something you love at a resale store makes you feel like you earned it. You get to be frugal AND fashionable. Now that’s what I call balance!

Who says style has to cost ya an ‘arm and a leg’?! I love ‘thrifty shopping’ because I know I’m being ‘healthy’ with my budget! Plus, Sperry’s for $2-?? Come on now! That can’t be beat!
How about you?! Do you like Thrift Shopping?! Any favorite finds?
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