Hello healthy… SALMON! Honestly, I’ve never met a salmon I didn’t love. I feel like salmon is so satisfying and delicious, and I actually feel like I’m doing my body a favor when I’m eating it. Did you know salmon is a superfood? Yep, not only does salmon taste fantastic, it’s also incredibly nourishing. I have an auto immune disease- Psoriasis (no fun, I know) and my dermatologist recommended increasing my consumption of fish, as well as supplementing with fish oil. Oh, not a problem!
    My fave way to eat salmon? Well-seasoned and on top of a crisp plate of fresh greens, with some avocado for extra healthy fats, and with some summery fresh fruit on the side. I also love smoked salmon. *Real life– I’m writing this blog right before dinner and I think I may need to stop by Whole Foods to get me some… Okay, back to the benefits of incorporating more salmon into your diet. Continue reading


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