Weight Loss Wednesday- How to Have Your Cake and Eat it TOO!

I LOVE sweets! I eat dark chocolate EVERY single day and I NEVER turn down a delicious piece of fresh fruit (especially summertime fruit!) A love of sweets seems to run in my family and every holiday get-together seems to include its fair share of tasty treats! I’ve had a sweet tooth ever since I was little, but here’s the funny thing: I really believe that a healthy diet is all about balance. I really believe that daily desserts actually aid in weight loss.

The way I lost my weight (and keep it off) is through balance and moderation. I’ve learned to eat healthy all day everyday so that I can enjoy my favorite treats without feeling guilty. That being said, I’m smart about my sugar consumption! Sure, I eat dark chocolate, but I never add sugar to my coffee or much to my oatmeal. I stay away from processed foods and I rarely eat any of those so called ‘healthy’ protein bars. We all need to cut down on sugar, but allowing ‘a small treat’ prevents that feeling of desperation and frustration.
Here are my top tips to have your cake and eat it too!

1. COMMIT to the idea of balancing your sugar intake- If you seriously want to eat a balanced amount of sugar, you need to be committed!! Write a list of all the benefits you’ll receive from eating less of the sweet stuff… and try to think beyond pants size. My fave benefits? Clear skin, increased energy and reduced cravings!
2. Eat Whole Foods as often as possible- Whole foods are nourishing and delicious! People tend to think that in order to lose weight they need to drastically reduce there calorie consumption… when in actuality, eating too little actually promotes sugar/ junk food cravings. My advice to reduce sugar intake and drop pounds? Eat healthy, balanced meals with REAL foods like fresh fruits, nourishing veggies, satiating protein and energizing carbohydrates!
3. Enjoy Fresh Fruit- One of my favorite ways to satisfy my sweet tooth is with fresh fruit! I’m obsessed with it! Just the other day I finished a long work shift around 4:30pm. Exhausted, starving and craving something sweet, I drove to the local market bought a cantaloupe for $2.99. I rushed back to my car like a crazy person, cut my cantaloupe in half with a steak knife that I brought from the kitchen, and I devoured a WHOLE half of the juicy delight. Sticky and satisfied, I drove home¬†with a happy tummy and a smile on my face!

4. Allow Daily Treats- I satisfy my sweet tooth with little desserts such as dairy free ice cream, gluten free cookies or dark chocolate. Eating a small treat every day gives me something to look forward to and ensures that I never feel deprived! Gotta love a balanced diet!

How about you?! What’s your key to living the sweet life?


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