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Thrifty Thursday!

Keep calm and thrift on… 

I just LOVE thrift shopping! I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal?? I go to thrift stores regularly and I always find the coolest (and cheapest) stuff. I do Savers, Salvation Army, and a couple smaller local shops in the city. There are always clothes that I would never buy, but I love it when I find the really cute stuff.  I love it when my friends compliment my clothes. I say “Thank you” and then I spend the next few minutes trying to convince them the whole outfit was from a thrift store! One of my friends actually owns a vintage resale shop, so sometimes I just ‘chill’ there and wait for the new arrivals! It’s a very relaxing environment! 

Here are three of my most recent thrifty finds. Hopefully, I can inspire YOU to go out and save a pretty penny!

I picked up this Lauren Conrad shirt for $4.99, the black zippered leggings for $1, and these cute little booties for only $3.50!! The whole outfit cost less than 10 bucks! YES, please! 

Even my dog loves a bargain! In fact, she WAS one! We rescued our little husky mix from a shelter almost 14 years ago and she’s been one of the best deals we’ve ever found!

How about you?! Are you a ‘thrifty shopper’?!


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