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Sweet Nothings!

“Being happy never goes out of style.”   -Lily Pulitzer

What have YOU done for fun lately? Today’s ‘sweet nothings’ post is all about some of the happy things that are going on with me lately. Life is never perfect, but it’s always better to focus on the good times, the blessings, and the many things we have to be thankful for.

My bestie from college came down to visit me last week and we had SUCH a blast! We hung out with church friends, went out for dinners, chilled at coffee shops, tried on TONS of clothes, and relaxed on the beach!

Morgan is one of my closest friends. She’s godly, genuine, funny and so inspiring! She’s all about health and balance, just like me, and we never make it through a complete conversation without laughing! I was thrilled when I got to spend all week with her and show her around my hometown!
Another sweet nothing?! Late morning brunch after staying up too late the night before. Morgan and I tried perfecting our banana-egg pancakes! (Sometimes they turn into banana mush. Perfecting the banana to egg ratio takes quite a bit of practice!)
Whole Foods!! I could literally drive there in my sleep! I’ve probably actually dreamt about this gourmet supermarket destination before! I go to Whole Foods all the time! It’s the perfect place to browse with health-food lovers …and just relax over a delicious nutritious meal with friends! 
Flapper Cailee! Yep, that’s me! Last weekend I went to a Great Gatsby themed surprise birthday party for a friend. I found my dress at Salvation Army, my gloves at a church rummage sale, and the vintage headband at a party store. I only wish I could dress like this everyday! So much fun!

What about you?! What are some “sweet nothings” that have made YOU smile lately?!


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