Sweet Nothings!

Hey everyone!!  Welcome to “Sweet Nothings!”  …a new segment on blog! 

Lately I’ve been feeling like all of my posts have been about something specific.  Such as, Saturday Superfoods, What I Ate Wednesdays and Why You Should eat a certain way.  While I do appreciate those sort of posts (and hopefully you guys do too)… I never want to sound too preachy… and I want to share a bit more of my personal life with you guys.  

Basically I want to share with you all what I’ve enjoyed lately and what I’ve been doing… 

Cue “Sweet Nothings!”  Here you can find little random things that make me smile!  

At the end of these posts I’d love to hear from you about anything little and sweet that makes you happy!  Okay… on with the post!

I finally whipped out the blender.  Sure it’s been cold -scratch that- FREEZEING lately… but that doesn’t mean my body doesn’t crave smoothies.  Oh how I love them!!
It is soooo snowy!!  We had a blizzard last week!  I woke up to this beautiful sight.  Luckily my campus is small!
My school is hosted a Global Missions Conference this past week.  We had speakers come from all over the world.  In honor of this event we had a special international lunch!!  We all sat on the floor to make it more ‘authentic’!  Haha!!  Truly unique, but I thought it was fun!
This was so sweet!! A good friend of mine gave me and my two best friends a ‘group Valentine’s gift’!  It was a bouquet of fresh strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, heart shaped pineapple and juicy grapes from Edible Arrangements!! So fresh and healthy!
Ecclesiastics 2:24 reminds me that, “There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God.”  

God wants us to innocently enjoy the simple things He has so richly blessed us with.  If you know me, you know I find great happiness in the little things of life.  I get excited as easily (and often) as a child and I believe that the best life is filled with laughter!  “Sweet Nothings” may not be anything big or major… but they make me happy none the less!! 

How about you??  What’s going on in your life that makes you smile?!


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