Super Bowl Sunday!!


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!  I hope you’re all having a great day and getting prepped for your night-time party!   Cheering on your favorite team, spending time with friends… and enjoying fattening food!!!  Superbowl snacks are not known for being very nutritious… but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods.  If you know my eating philosophy, then you know that I’m all about portion control and moderation.  So when you’re at your Super Bowl party (or any other party) don’t feel like you have to turn your nose up at all the delicious treats… instead, remind yourself that they are ‘treats’ to be eaten and enjoyed in small amounts on special occasions!  Here are 3 quick tips to keep your Game day on the healthy side.

1.  Bring your own snacks!  Why not take along a veggie tray with some garden hummus?  This way, when everyone is chopping down oily chips, you can munch on some fresh celery and baby carrots!  (You may be surprised at how many of your friends will join you and appreciate the healthy option!)

2.  Skip seconds.  What?!  No seconds?  Well, why don’t you just grab a plate and fill it with a moderate amount of food and eat it reeeeeally slowly?  This way you’ll know exactly how much you are eating.  Even though it’s already on your plate, don’t feel pressured to eat it all in the first quarter… instead spend time cheering for your team and socializing with the group!  After all, that’s a really fun part, too!

3.  Be choosey.  Do you LOVE chocolate, but could ‘pass’ on savory fattening foods like wings and chips?  That’s me… or maybe you LOVE those nachos, but cookies aren’t really your thing.  Well whichever it is… just choose the food that you LOVE.  There’s no point in filling up on brownies if you don’t really love them… At the same time, there’s no reason you should avoid them if they’re one of your fave treats (especially if they’re gluten free!).  If it’s something that you LOVE, then take a small portion and really ENJOY it!  If you don’t love it… don’t even take it!

Well, those are my quick tips for a fun, festive… and HEALTHY game day (which happen to apply to any other social/eating event you may go to!)  Have a happy, healthy day!!


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