Summer-time Sweets!


I LOVE FRUIT!  I love all fruits for all kinds of reasons.  Avocados are creamy, oranges are juicy, bananas are filling, watermelon is thirst-quenching, melon is detoxifying, and strawberries are sweet!  Each piece of fruit is unique and special in its own way!

One of my all-time favorite fruits is mango.  There are so many reasons to love the mango!  It sweetens my green smoothies and makes me smile.  It is creamy and tart, and completely delicious all on its own.  But, the best way to enjoy it, especially in the summer time, is frozen.  If you’ve never tried frozen mango I HIGHLY recommend you do!  You can just chop up a fresh one and pop it in the freezer, or you can buy it pre-chopped and frozen.  Not only will this save you time and energy, it will also save you money since frozen fruit is usually less expensive and can be purchased any time of year.

Grab yourself a cute little bowl and fill it with frozen mango.  Wait 10 minutes or so and let it defrost a bit.  Then enjoy your sweet, soft, and satisfying treat!  Trust me, it tastes like dessert, except it’s completely healthy!!  Enjoy!  


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