Simple Summer Tips!

“A life without love is like a year without summer.” ~Swedish Proverb

Hey there! Just wanted to post a quick list of SUMMERTIME REMINDERS for all my happy healthy friends. We work hard all year to eat right and stay in shape. We’re careful to make healthy choices during the summer months, too, but let’s be real…vacation season is a time to ‘indulge’ and ‘break some rules’. Right? Wrong! Be sure to take care of yourself and to keep that ‘healthy balance mindset’ going right through the summer! Here are some tips:

1. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses at the beach. 
2. Drink lots of water (and coconut water!!) to stay hydrated.
3. Eat fresh veggies with both lunch and dinner.
4. Enjoy cool refreshing smoothies for breakfast.
5. Indulge in sweet ripe fruits at their peak of freshness (I literally eat a cantaloupe!)
6. Pack healthy snacks for those long road trips when temptation strikes.

7. Get outside and walk, swim, ride bikes, and enjoy the warm weather we’ve been craving!

How about you…what’s your favorite summertime suggestion?


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