Seasonal Superfoods- Apples!

A is for APPLES!  Amazingly awesome apples!  I LOVE apples and I eat them all the time!  They are crunchy, sweet, satisfying… the perfect snack!  They’re so portable, too!  An apple and a cup of ‘apple cinnamon tea’ is a perfect way to get in the “fall mood!”

Of course you know apples are good for you.  After all, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”  I’m sure you know from first-hand experience just how satisfying an apple is, especially compared to one of those wimpy 100 calorie packs you buy at the store.  For roughly the same amount of calories you can nourish your body with a ‘snack that loves ya back!’

So rather than bore you with all the ‘basic’ benefits of apples, I want to share some unexpected, hidden superpowers found in these babies!

  1. Did you know that apples actually help to reduce cholesterol naturally?  Yep, you can thank all that fiber!  It actually slows the buildup of extra plaque in your arteries.
  2. Do you want white teeth?  Chew on an apple!  This naturally helps to prevent tooth decay as it naturally promotes the saliva to help clean up your mouth.
  3. Are you having “regularity” issues?  Munch on a fresh apple.  The fiber in these super fruits helps to keep your system regular.  The fiber can either pull water out of your colon to keep things moving along if you’re backed up, or absorb extra water and slow your bowels down.
  4. Are you concerned about Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s?  Apples can help!  They contain an antioxidant which boosts neurological health and may actually lower your chances of getting dementia.
  5. …and finally, Weight Loss!  Yep, that’s right!  Apples help in weight loss because they’re packed with filling fiber and vitamins and minerals.  Try one before a meal to curb your appetite or as a convenient snack-on-the-run that fills you up for only 100 calories!

These are just 5 of the amazing benefits of this seasonal super food!  So go ahead, chop one up and mix it into your morning oatmeal, snack on one as an afternoon pick-me-up, slice and sprinkle with a healthy dose of cinnamon, cut one in half and smear on some peanut butter topped with a few dark chocolate chips or walnuts for a healthy dessert, whip up some homemade applesauce for the perfect side to a warm supper on a chilly night, or even give yourself an excuse to indulge in a small slice of fresh baked apple pie …hey, it’s all about balance, right?!

What about you?  Do you believe in ‘an apple a day’?  What’s your favorite way to enjoy them?


Gotta love fresh, local produce! Out apple picking with some friends!


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