Saturday Superfoods- Farmers Market Finds!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same thing.” 
-AnonymousWho doesn’t love a good farmers market?! There’s something wonderful about bringing locally sourced, fresh produce from different farms and selling it in one place– no middle man, no advertising costs, no extra additives, fancy packaging or marketing schemes… it’s all about bringing community together! Food and fellowship are two of my favorite things, so today for ‘Saturday’s Superfoods’ I want to share some of the health benefits of fresh fruits and veggies, all which can be purchased at your local farmers market!
Tomatoes– These gems are definitely one of my favorite foods! I just adore their ‘subtly sweet’ taste. A friend of mine always laughs when I refer to them as “natures candy.” Okay, they’re not as sweet as your typical candy shop treats, but they sure do treat your body well! Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene which helps prevent skin cancer, promote bone health and even reduce asthma. Tomatoes are high in water and fiber content while being low in fat and calories, making them a weight loss power food!
Corn– Nothing screams summer quite like local sweet corn-on-the-cob. Is it just me, or do the ‘cobs’ make it taste 100 times better than regular old corn in a can? There’s something fun about hearing the crunch and feeling the corn between your teeth as you nibble it off the cob like a chipmunk… it just feels organic! Corn is believed to improve vision health because of its high vitamin A content. It’s also a high fiber food, promoting healthy digestion and boosting satiety.
Plums– I’m a plum lover– I cannot lie. Plums are juicy, sweet and oh-so filling! They’re low in calories which makes them the perfect snack between meals. Plums may taste sweet, but their high-fiber content means your blood sugars levels will stay relatively stable. They’re loaded with potassium which helps reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of stroke. The antioxidants help prevent against cancer and they’re great for healthy digestion.
Cucumbers– Nothing is quite as detoxifying as a fresh cucumber. Did you know that a cucumber is 95% water? No wonder they’re so hydrating! Cucumbers are loaded with B Vitamins making them a ‘good-mood-food’. These vitamins help reduce stress and anxiety. Cucumbers even give you good breath! What’s not to love about these superfoods?! 

Romain Lettuce– Lettuce is actually rated one of the healthiest foods in the world. It’s naturally low in calories which helps to create lasting weight loss. It’s loaded with Vitamin K and A. It’s great for heart health, clear skin and weight loss. Believe it or not, a head of lettuce has over 7 grams of protein! That’s more than a serving of peanut butter. …and it’s a great source of plants-based calcium, omega 3s and iron! And just think about all the amazing veggies you can add to create your next big masterpiece of a salad!

So, don’t let this summer ‘sail on by’ before you hit up your local farmers market! Invest in your health and acknowledge all those hardworking farmers in your community. Hello Healthy Eating!

What about you?! What are some of your favorite Farmers Market Finds?


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