Saturday Superfood: Oranges

Hey guys!!  Happy Saturday!!  I hope you’re all having a great New Year!  It’s hard to believe that today is the third Saturday in 2014!  I know that I want to focus on eating a balanced, healthy diet for 2014… and what better way to do so than to fill up on super foods??  They are nourishing, filling, healthy and DELICIOUS!

Today I want to talk about the benefits associated with oranges!  I don’t know about you, but oranges are probably my favorite fruit… sure, I love mangos in my smoothies, frozen strawberries for a sweet treat, or even hot homemade apple sauce with cinnamon on a cold night… but when it comes to the simple act of eating raw fruit the way nature intended… I LOVE oranges.  They are so hydrating!  They quench my thirst with a burst of citrus happiness and that’s the main reason I love them so much.  But thirst-quenching, deliciousness aside, did you know that oranges are superfoods?

Yep, that’s right, these beauties nourish your body, they are low in calories and they’re high in fiber.  These cheerful fruits are packed with vitamin C which builds collagen–keeping skin looking youthful and healthy!  Did you know that, some of the nutrients in oranges are believed to help prevent against cancer and various other diseases… Oranges also aid in digestion, promote good vision and lower blood pressure!  They also naturally alkalize the body (which means they reduce the acid in your body and make you healthier!)  And for all you low-carb fans out there, oranges are pretty low on the glycemic index.

Okay, if I haven’t convinced you to start eating more oranges for all of their nutritional benefits how about enjoying them simply because they are delicious… especially this time of year!  From little cuties and clementines to big, juicy oranges (like the one In the picture that’s almost as big as my head) they’re all delicious!!

So go ahead, grab a fresh orange, slice it thin or peel and pull it apart!   Enjoy this tasty, nourishing treat, wrapped up in its own little gift wrap. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did… and your body will thank you, too!

How about you?  Do you like oranges?!  What’s YOUR favorite fruit?


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