National Nutrition Month!

Hello Merry Merry March! I could NOT be more excited for a new month to arrive! March means Spring is finally on it’s way (even though we’re getting 4-8 inches as I write this post!)  March means longer days (March 8 is Daylight Saving Time!) The temperatures will finally rise and the crocuses will begin to bloom. Did you know what else is special about March? It is National Nutrition Month!

Proper nutrition is so important, and this month is dedicated to spreading the word and informing people on how to live a healthy, balanced life! Hosted by the ‘Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,’ this month is a time to continue your healthy habits and focus on forming new ones!

The 2015 theme of National Nutrition Month is to “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle.” The goal is to encourage proper nutrition choices as well as increased activity to maintain a healthy weight and a balanced life! I’ve found that the best way to make lasting changes is to do it slowwwwwwwly and steadily.  Simple things like taking the stairs, drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies, and cutting down on refined sugar and processed foods are easy steps to a healthier lifestyle.

For the first Monday of ‘National Nutrition Month’ I want to show you guys a few of MY favorite “Bites!” I’m all about balanced breakfasts, light little lunches, seriously satisfying snacks, delightful dinners and delicious desserts!  Here are a few of my favorite treats:

One of my favorite little healthy bites is a warm bowl of oatmeal with creamy almond milk and plump ripe blueberries! 
Look at how beautiful, bright, and colorful this snack is! Nothing motivates me to “bite right” like fresh, nourishing veggies! You feel really good while you’re munching (and certainly afterwards.)
The perfect afternoon snack to keep me satisfied between lunch and dinner is none better than carrots and hummus and gluten free crackers! This snack will definitely satisfy even the most serious savory craving! 
Apple slices and PB2! I love PB2… it tastes just like rich, creamy peanut butter, but it has only a fourth of the calories! 
Nothing satisfies a happy healthy ‘nutritious snack craving’ like a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie! I whipped this up the other morning… I mixed frozen mango, orange chunks, banana slices, avocado, spinach and coconut water! Yummy and oh-so refreshing! 
One of my favorite little “bites” is Pop Chips!! These chips are light, crispy, slightly salty and delicious! I paired mine with some light chicken salad to add some protein to my little snack!

After all those healthy little “bites” I guiltlessly treat myself to some rich chocolate and hot decaf coffee! Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s dark chocolate espresso beans? They sure hit the spot! 

These are some of my favorite little bites and they keep me motivated to eat right! The best way to start National Nutrition Month is by stocking your kitchen (and your desk drawers and your backpack) with “little bites” that love you back!  

How about you?! What are your favorite little bites?


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