Monday’s Motivation- Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve!!

New Year’s Eve is just 2 days away!!  Can you believe that it’s almost 2015??  Where has the time gone??  Today I want to give you my top 6 tips for fitting into your New Year’s Eve dress!  Of course, you can’t lose 10 pounds in 2 days, but you can ‘de-bloat’ and feel your best… just in time to slip into your favorite festive dress!

  1. Skip the salt.  Sodium causes your body  to retain water (thus, extra weight and bloating).  A couple days before ‘the big event’ be sure to skip the salty treats.  Yes, this includes those delicious low-fat (but high sodium) sea-salt chips that go great with your salad, but it also includes things like deli meat, processed snacks, baked goods and every preserved product that you can think of.  Even seemingly healthy eats, like cottage cheese and packaged oatmeal can be loaded with salt. 
  2. Limit high-carb foods.  Like sodium, high carb (specifically refined carb) foods cause the body to hold on to water… cut down on these and wake up to a slimmer tummy in no time.  Beware of certain fruits which contain a lot of sugar, like cherries, grapes, bananas, and all dried fruits like raisins, dates and apricots.  Swap your morning bagel or toast for some protein-packed eggs.  Switch your afternoon sammie to a grilled chicken salad and munch on some fresh veggies and a healthy protein for a light and satisfying dinner!
  3. Exercise!  This is critical!! If you wear a pedometer, aim for that lofty goal of 10,000 steps to keep your body looking sleek and slim!  Try yoga or Pilates to stretch and lengthen your limbs.
  4. Perfect your Posture.  Stand up straight and be sure your posture is perfect.  When you ‘slump’ you scrunch down your body mass which makes you look shorter and wider.  Hold your head high, pull your shoulders back and your tummy muscles in.  You’ll look taller and thinner, more confident and alert.  Basically, you’ll be looking prettier in just seconds!
  5. Hydrate.  Flush out those toxins and hydrate your body like crazy!  This will take the edge off hunger and limit unnecessary snacking!!  Hydrated skin glows, so if you want to look creamy and dreamy, fill your cup and drink it up!  
  6. Buy a dress that FITS!  I suppose this suggestion should be at the top of the list.  As women, we all know how tempting it is to by a dress that’s just a little bit snug… you know, ‘thinspiration’.  We promise ourselves that we’ll lose a couple pounds, but all too often the dress stays uncomfortably tight and we feel guilty and unattractive.  Silly girls!  Just buy the dress that fits and enjoy the fun and festivities! 

How about you??  What are your top tips for looking and feeling your best after a season of indulgence?!


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