Monday’s Motivation- Fit February!

Don’t you just love a fresh start?! I sure do! While I don’t believe a healthy lifestyle happens overnight, I definitely do love a new beginning. At the start of every month I like to think about the days ahead and then make small, manageable goals for myself. For this month I’d like to watch less TV, be more organized and and some variety to my diet… but what I’d really like to focus on is FITNESS!

I might as well admit something right off the top: I hate gyms… honestly, I feel like a hamster on a wheel when I jump on the elliptical! And when I hear ‘weight room’ I think ‘torture chamber.’  You see, I LOVE being active and exercising, I just prefer to do it outside. WALKING is one of my absolute favorite things. I could walk for miles… I usually do. 

About 6 months ago I bought a FitBit (i.e. a smart pedometer) and I’ve been tracking my steps ever since. While I was away at college I usually averaged about 11 or 12,000 steps a day… the equivalent of 5 or 6 miles! I loved walking around the little pond at my school, or through the beautiful nature trails, or even all around campus at night with the street lamps lit up. I’d walk and talk on the phone. It was the perfect way to stay connected to my mom or my friends from home or camp. If I wasn’t in a chatty mood, walking was the perfect way to de-stress and clear my head. Walking is my absolute favorite exercise ever!

I recently changed my major and transferred schools, so I am now living back home. My dog loves to go for a walk, but she’s 13 1/2 and not too peppy. And my parents are great, but they do NOT feel the ‘need for speed’ like I do. So I’m kind of ‘on my own.’ No worries, I quickly found my way to the bike path through town and I and began walking to the local library which is 2 miles from my house. I love the walk! It was invigorating and I looked forward to it everyday. But then… winter storm Juno hit and all the paths were suddenly filled with snow! 🙁 

Alas, I currently consider myself lucky if I get half the amount of steps I used to. My plans have changed, at least for now, so this month for ‘Fit February’ I am looking to new ways to be active. Walking on the treadmill, popping in a quick workout DVD, climbing up and down the stairs, dancing to my favorite tunes, or simply hitting the mat and doing some yoga poses… Take your pick! Which sounds fun to you? 

Being active keeps me feeling my best! So I’m looking for new ways to keep myself moving and feeling great! Just like eating healthy makes me happy, being active helps me sleep well, smile more, look my best, and stay alert. Keeping fit helps me be the best version of myself! 

How about you? How do you plan to keep fit in February?!


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