Monday’s Motivation- Be Thankful!

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” -Genesis 1:1

In our busy hectic lives, it is easy to overlook the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. It’s easy to get trapped behind the desk or stuck inside the house. Days can go by without even noticing the color of the clouds at sunset or the scent of the flowers near the mailbox. Did you even see that adorable squirrel scurry up the tree or the way the raindrops pounded onto the deck? Today I want to focus on God’s creation and I want to remind myself to appreciate the gift of nature that we’ve been given.

Did you know that doctors these days are actually giving their patients “nature prescriptions” to help with all kinds of health problems? Apparently, Mum was right when she told you to go outside and play when you were little. She knew that getting outside was a great way to distract you from your problems and help ward off depression. She knew you would ‘work up a healthy appetite’ and get some fresh air to help fight germs. You would play with friends and learn to get along with people. You’d have more energy during the day and you’d sleep better at night. You would get the vitamin D you need to protect your bones and the amount of exercise you need to fight obesity. You would see the beauty in nature and you’d recognize that you are just one small part of this amazing world we share. Mums are really smart!

So, don’t let another day go by without getting outside and appreciating the world around you. Enjoy the sights, the sounds, the smells. Sit back for a few minutes and let the sun shine down on you. Take a brisk walk in the warm rain. Feel the wind on your face and smell the sweet flowers in the yard. You’ll feel better, calmer, more inspired and energized. Remember to appreciate the beauty of creation and BE THANKFUL.

What is a favorite part of nature that YOU are thankful for this week?


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