Monday’s Motivation- BE HAPPY!

“Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too!” -Anonymous

Happiness is a choice. Choosing to be happy is a decision you make each day. But let’s be honest– come Monday morning it’s not always ‘natural’ to be positive and motivated, cheerful and ready for anything. We’re human… we’re tired… and jumping back into ‘the swing of things’ can seem like a big burden and a difficult chore. For today’s ‘Monday’s Motivation’ I want to talk about choosing to have a positive perspective. 

Instead of looking at your week as a bunch of have-to’s, look at it as a bunch of get-to’s. Yes, Monday means back to work, back to class, back to early mornings and hectic schedules, but today I want to encourage you to see the best in every situation.

Do you have to go to the grocery store today, or do you get to purchase some tasty and nutritious ingredients? Do you have to make dinner for your family, or do you get to create something delicious and share it with the ones you love? Do you have to study for an exam at school, or do you get to use your brain and learn something new? Do you have to do the laundry tonight, or do you get to clean up those cute outfits you own so that you can wear them again?

Happiness is a choice, a determination to look on the bright side. Whether it’s being thankful that you have a job or remembering how blessed you are to be able to study at your University and receive a college degree. Simply changing the way you look at things can change your whole outlook and attitude on life.

A healthy life is so much more than just eating healthy foods. A healthy life is one that nourishes your mind, body, soul and spirit. Choosing to see the glass as ‘half full, instead of half empty’ is choosing to live a healthy, happy life! 

How about you? Will you choose to be happy this week? How do you look on the bright side?


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