Let’s Go For a Walk!

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“Wanna go for a walk??”  This is on of my dog’s favorite questions.  I love walking, too!  It’s one of the best ways to be active without having to go to the gym, break out in a sweat, or even change your clothes.  I love to go walking with friends in the summer time.  We walk around town, to the local market or even to get some ice cream or sorbet from a nearby shop (Yes, ice cream… we ARE walking all the way there).  Walking is simple, easy, free and super fun.  You can walk anywhere and with anyone!  If you have a dog, then you KNOW how much she will love it!  My dog’s almost 13, but she gets so excited the minute she hears the jingle of her leash!  Here are just a few amazing health benefits of walking:

  1. It promotes weight loss/ maintenance- Sure, running burns more calories than walking… but I’m no runner!  Walking actually burns a decent amount of calories (up to 150 calories for a 30 minute walk), but more than just the amount of calories burned, walking helps to prevent snacking.  When you feel like grabbing an extra (unnecessary) cookie try going for a walk instead.  You’ll not only burn calories, but you’ll actually save a bunch too!
  2. It’s FREE entertainment- Sure, you could buy a membership to a nice gym… but there’s really no need.  You see can see the sights, chat with friends, and get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun on a nice brisk walk.  Walking doesn’t cost you a penny, so lace up your shoes and go!
  3. It keeps your mind healthy- Studies have actually shown that walking can lower chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia and it helps to keep the brain active and healthy!  Walking releases natural painkilling endorphins which help fight depression.  That’s right, walking does more than just help you fit into your skinny jeans… It’s good for your mind AND your body!
  4. It boosts your energy- Going for a nice walk actually helps to energize your day.  As you walk, you increase your circulation, which increases oxygen supply to every cell in your body.  You  feel more alert and alive as your body is energized naturally (and THAT helps to prevent a mid-afternoon slump!)
  5. It keeps bones and joints strong- Walking helps to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.  As you walk, you stimulate and strengthen your bones.  You increase your bone density and keep your joints moving and healthy.  You actually strengthen them with your own body weight.

These are just a few of the amazing health benefits of walking!  So grab your buddy (or your dog named Buddy) and hit the road!

How about you?  Do you like walking?  Do you walk regularly?!


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