Hello Healthy Eating Business Cards!


Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I’m super excited to tell you guys about this wonderful company called  A few weeks ago they reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in receiving one of their products in exchange for a review.  I happily chose to create my very first business cards with the help of this cool company.  I had been planning on doing this for my blog for a while now, because, let’s be real… business cards make EVERYTHING more official!

What I loved about Buildasign is that the cards were so simple and easy to make.  I got to customize them completely and make them exactly how I wanted.  I chose to make the background purple, just like my web page.  I was able to include my own pictures and the ‘creation tools’ allowed me to make them completely unique from other business cards I’ve seen before.

I ordered 250 of these cards and I would encourage anyone with a blog to order some for themselves!  They are really inexpensive, only $13.99 for 250.  They are so fun and practical!  I’m working as a waitress at a resort for the summer and I’ll tell ya, I LOVE to give these cards to my friends, co-workers and even guests!  Just the other day, I was talking with some couples about how I love health and I mentioned how I’d really like to become a motivational speaker for health and nutrition… one of the men explained he how wished I had a card or something since he has Celiac Disease and would like to check out my site.  We all laughed and I told them, I actually DO have business cards for my blog!!

Seriously, I would encourage you guys to check out!  They have a great selection of products at very reasonable prices!

How about you?  What’s stopping you from ordering some business cards?!


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