Friday Food Review- Gourmet Nut Trail Mix Review!

Snack time is the best time! It’s the time between meals when your tummy is a little rumbly and you need something small to tide you over until your next meal, something nourishing, satisfying, but still tasty! When I snack I prefer to keep it little, somewhere between 100-200 calories… not too big, not too small! 

Cue ‘Gourmet-on-the-go’! ‘Gourmet-on-the-go’ offers delicious packs of nourishing trail mixes for even the busiest ‘girl-on-the-run’! Bursting with bright, crunchy treats, these trail mixes are amazing! Gluten free, vegan, cholesterol and trans fat free, these snacks are perf for on-the-go munching!  

Dried cranberries, pineapple, papaya, mango, raisins and apricots are a sweet, chewy, delicious alternative to overly sweet candy. Cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, peanuts and walnuts add healthy fat and hearty plants-based protein to these sweet mixes.  Trail mix is the perfect combo of salty, sweet, savory and sustainable energy.  Say goodbye to the 3pm slump with a handful of these mixes!

Checkout for more of their delicious, healthy, nourishing products that you’re sure to love!! From chia seeds to gourmet sea salt this company has everything for your health needs!!

How about you?! Do you like to snack on trail mix?! What’s your favorite on-the-go snack?!


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