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Firmoo Glasses Review!

Wanna know a secret?! 

I wear glasses.

You’d probably never know it from my blog because in almost every picture I am not wearing them. It’s not because I live in contacts, it’s because whenever I take a picture, I always take my glasses off. If you look closely at my hands, you’ll probably notice that I’m holding (hiding) them. I’m not really sure why I do this, but it’s mostly because I think I look better without glasses…

That being said, when Firmoo reached out and asked if I would like to receive a pair of their glasses to try for myself, I figured, why not? Of course, the glasses would be sent to me from an online store and I wouldn’t be able to try on a million pairs and decide which ones looked best on my face. I couldn’t drag my mum or my best friend along to help me make the right decision. I couldn’t check out different angles and facial expressions or hold up any mirrors. Honestly, I didn’t expect to love them…

Well, surprise surprise! I placed my order and they very quickly arrived in the mail. Beautiful, new, clear and cute! My prescription was perfect and the quality was really good. I couldn’t help but LOVE my adorable new Firmoo glasses!

I could not believe all the great prices and the really stylish designs they carry. I encourage you to check out and pick up a pair for yourself. My mum spends a small fortune on her glasses and she is SO jealous of these new shades. Here’s a link to their most recent arrivals- and another link you’ll wanna checkout to save 15% on your purchase (if you’re a new costumer!)-!

So don’t be surprised if you start to see me wearing my new glasses in more of my pictures! I love these!

What about you? Do you secretly wear glasses?! Do you rock the ‘geek chic’ look?!


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