Chocolate Treats!

I love chocolate… and sweets…and all things delicious!  And while I honestly don’t eat much sugar, I do love the occasional treat! 
Here is just one of my fave ways to satisfy a sweet tooth!

Chocolate Sorbet!!

Since my stomach is so sensitive, I don’t digest lactose well.  This makes it easy not to give in to ice cream, because I know how bubbly and bloated my tummy will be after I eat a bowl of it.  NOT tummy love… but sometimes I crave ice cold, chocolate creaminess… and what better way to satisfy that than a small bowl of chocolate sorbet?!  When I went on vacation to Montreal with my fam. I had some of the best dark chocolate honey sorbet!  I haven’t found that flavor in the US, but Haagen-Dazs makes a delicious Chocolate sorbet!!  With only 130 calories and 0.5 grams of fat I feel free to indulge!  But the 21 grams of sugar make it a ‘once in a while’ treat.

It’s also delicious topped with lite cool whip, mini chocolate chips and a tsp. of natural peanut butter!  What are your favorite desserts to enjoy??


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