Carrots and Hummus… For Breakfast!!


Who says breakfast has to be traditional?  I’m not one for syrupy pancakes, sugary cereal, and oversized omelets… I enjoy having something a bit more nourishing.  When I get the chance to sleep in and enjoy a lazy, late- morning breakfast, I always take advantage of it!  I don’t see the purpose in forcing yourself to eat something at 7am every day.  Of course it’s important to feed your body and energize your morning with a bit of fuel, but heavy foods will just slow you down.

Here, I decided to start my day with some fresh carrots and hummus, gluten- free salsa crackers, pulled buffalo chicken and a bowl of fresh berries!  These all may sound like your typical healthy LUNCH or SNACK choices, but once you’ve tried to mix it up a bit, you may find that you enjoy the variety.  Good food is good food, any time of the day.  Surprise yourself with a little ‘meal swap’ and you just may surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it!!

Hope you have a happy, healthy breakfast!!


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